Web Development

There is a clear distinction between good and bad websites. A good website provides a great user experience, loads fast, is optimized for SEO, and is intuitive and easy to use. Achieving these goals isn't easy, so we follow the best coding practices while developing your website.

A website's requirements depend on its type. So the major types of website are: -

a. Informational Website
b. Web App
c. E-commerce website

Informational Website

Ux Design

These are the most common type of website which serves purposes such as: providing information about the company and its services, increasing brand awareness, driving sales to digital (e.g. Mobile Game) or non-digital product(e.g. book), generating leads for your business, etc. These sites are either static or dynamic.


Here you have to contact the developer if you want to change the content of your site. The reason being: you don’t usually have to.

For eg:- If you have a landing page for your new book, you only need to write sales copy once, and then use it in multiple marketing campaigns.


Here you can change the content of your site through a Content Management System(CMS)

For eg:- If you have a blogging site, there you have to regularly add, delete and update your blogs.

Web App

Ux Design

These sites are a bit different than traditional Informational Websites. It acts more like a mobile app, than a website. These websites are created to serve a purpose than to provide information

For eg:- Slack is used to collaborate with your teammate, trello helps you save notes in your dashboard, dropbox allows you to save your files in the cloud.

Unlike traditional websites, which is built using HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript, Web Apps are built using modern languages like React, Angular and Vue.


Ux Design

We have all seen and probably used ecommerce site like amazon, zappos, mykitten (if you're into cats). These sites serve the sole purpose of selling various (physical or digital) stuffs online. To build an ecommerce site we can either code it from scratch or use a site builder.

Custom E-commerce

Big sites like amazon and eBay have created their website from scratch. Though that can be a bit expensive and time consuming, its completely worth it because not only can you design it according to your wish, you can implement Machine Learning to study user behavior and use that in your marketing campaign to maximize sales (This is the major reason why Amazon is so successful)

Site Builder

If your business deals with a small niece like selling handmade jewelry or home-made dog food then we can use a e-commerce site builder like Shopify or WooCommerce. It'll get the job done but you can make very few optimization

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