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Let's get on thing clear, shall we? Web design process doesn't involve coding. Web Design is all about look and feel of your website, only during the development phase we actually start building (i.e coding) it.

For eg:- Web Design is more like drawing blueprint of a building, while Web Development is like actually constructing the building.

Web Design
In this situation you may have a question. Can I skip the design part of my website?

In all honesty, you can but we will only advise you to do so if you don’t care about your brand and/or you have a very tight budget. In those cases, we can use a prebuilt template. It'll get the job done but this website won't add anything to your brand value.

There are two major phases we go through during the web design process.

a. UX Design        b. UI Design

UX Design

Ux Design
UX design is more art than science

The visitors of your website have certain expectations about things like content placement and labeling.

For eg:- The users of your site expects to find your email address at footer or contact us page of your website

These expectations vary according to the industry. While designing the UX, we conduct multiple interviews and surveys to figure out those expectations. Only when these expectations are satisfied the user can have a great experience.

Likewise, the stakeholder (you, that is) also have certain expectations from the website. It could be leads, sales, newsletter signup, or increasing brand value. We need to incorporate the website's goal when designing the UX.

After we have a general idea of user and business needs, we'll design a basic prototype of your site so you'll have a better understanding of the overall content structure and Information Architecture (IA) .

UI Design

Ux Design

While the UX Design gives us a general idea of structure and architecture, UI Design will tell us how it'll actually look. We will experiment with different colors, typography, content alignment, white space and negative space to create a design that'll resonate your brand.

For eg:- When choosing the right color, we think how we want the user to feel after looking at the site.

  • Gives a sense of hunger(think KFC, mcdonalds) or urgency(CNN News)
  • Gives a sense of trust worthiness (Microsoft)
  • Simplicity (Apple)
  • (Colorful) Multipurpose (Google, Ebay, CNBC)
  • Friendly (Fanta)

Likewise, we also need to think how you're website will look in a smartphone. If we don’t optimize for mobile, our site won't be usable in the phone. Likewise having a mobile-friendly site is also great for SEO.

After we've figured out these things, we'll design two interactive versions (mobile and desktop) of your website in Adobe XD.

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