About Us

We love our work of creating beautiful and efficient products, and we never compromise

We treat every project as our own, and leave no stone unturned. It may take an additional day, few more lines of code, or maybe one last meeting, if it'll improve our product we'll do it

Message From Our Founder

Paras KC

Sr. React Engineer and UI Designer

At Drizine studio, we care about your needs. We want to make sure you get at least 10x value for the price you pay for your digital product. Sure, we're in the business of earning profit, but for us designing and developing digital products is part of our life, something we enjoy, and something that gives us joy and satisfactions. That's why we don’t mind working extra hours to give your clients the best digital experience, so that your desired goals (whether it be leads, sales, newsletter sign up, or brand recognition) is fulfilled.

Some Of Our Works

UI/UX and Development for Miss Nepal North America

Kreety Kc's Website

Social Media For Web Developers Built on React

Android App for Trekking Agents built on React Native

Complete Website for a Outdoors Consulting Agency

Kreety Kc's Website
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