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" Drizine is a complete design and development agency. We provide UI/UX and development services across web apps, websites, and android apps

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UI/UX and Development for Miss Nepal North America

Kreety Kc's Website

Social Media For Web Developers Built on React

Android App for Trekking Agents built on React Native

Complete Website for a Outdoors Consulting Agency

Kreety Kc's Website
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Our Product Development Services

Our Services

Web Design

A good web design provides a great user experience and also satisfies business needs. So, we start with research in those fields, and create a prototype for the design. After the prototype is approved, we start the UI process and make sure the design resonates your brand. We use precise coloring, careful typography and vivid imagery to achieve that goal.

Web Development

A good website or web app needs to do 3 things: load fast, be functional, and properly implement the given design. At Drizine, we follow the best coding practices to fulfill these goal. We don’t use any templates, we usually avoid integrating third party APIs, and we use responsive images. Doing this slightly lengthen the development process, but the end result is always satisfactory.

App Development

High Performance, Great User Experience(UX), and Intuitive User Interface(UI) are the must-have features of a mobile app. At Drizine, we develop high-end application with these factors in mind. And since developing an app is usually more complex than developing a simple website, we start with careful planning, and perform all the necessary tests before we start coding, so that you won't face any problem after your release the app

Support & Hosting

You don’t need a dedicated IT Team to manage your website, The Intuitive CMS that we design for you will enable you to easily edit the content of your site. Even then if you face some problem, our support team will always be there to help you. We use advance cloud platforms like AWS, Heroku, Digital Ocean, to make sure your sites can handle high traffic, and is up all the time.

Agile Development Lifecycle


User Research

Before starting the design process, it's necessary to know that user base, for whom we're creating the design. They have certain expectations from your site or app, a product is only successful if it can fulfill those expectations and provided the necessary value the user is looking for in your product

Our Satisfied Clients

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